My Mind’s Made Up

I made my choice
I stick by it
quit! said a voice
but I’m determined
people screamed foul
but my mind’s made up

I was called out
They said I’m all done
But my choice’ll pay out
And my shame’ll be gone

I said the word
I can’t take it back
My mind’s made up
The die is cast
Though all seemed wrong
And hope’s all but lost
I’ll stand here tall-
For all, by my word

I’ve been through hell
Travelled back and forth
I have stories to tell,
Of life and of death
But I went through all
With head held high
And still fighting on
Till the fight is won.

3 thoughts on “My Mind’s Made Up

  1. VijayNair

    Robust determination and the need to keep one’s” word” are the salient features of this interesting poem.In W.E. Henley’s ”Invictus”, the poet avers :” My head is bloody and unbowed”. In Sinatra’s ”My Way”, the singer affirms: ”I faced it all and I stood tall”. I was reminded of these lines on reading Ogunjimi’s fine verse.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    The casual reader will find that this poem bears an unmistakably strong affinity to the lyrics of ” My Way “.
    Whilst a creditable work within its own right, one is given to the opinion that the last stanza at least would have been strengthened by some judicious editing; for instance the fifth line , ” but I went through all ” struck the reader as redundant within the context of that last stanza.


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