My Life´s Prayer

The key to the Universe has been shown to me
The key to Love
The Key to Be

I unite to God in Wisdom and Love
Through Golden Light
All Day, All Night

Please help me now to open my heart
To express my Self
From my Infinite Depth

My Desire to expand and radiate
The Joy of Creation
And sing incantations

Beyond the illusion of time and space
Return to my feet
Through every heart beat

My Breath moves me deeper, inwards
To know my essence
My Eternal Presence

Oh Let me be free from Limits
Free from Ego
Free to soar, free to Know

To be able to find the Joy in me
Cosmic Unity
Divine Trinity

God Father, Son and Holy Spirit
In all my Affairs
My Life´s Prayer.


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About Johanne Gallagher

Hello there! Thanks for taking a moment to get to know me. My passion is dancing Argentine tango, writing songs and poems and I also like to sing. I love to work with people and help them to manifest their visions and dreams! I am very interested in quantum physics and positive psychology and use my poetry to express my thoughts about spirituality, nature and the Oneness of everything. I currently live in Sydney Australia. I am in the process of finding joyful employment using my skills and education in the perfect way towards co-creating a sustainable and even more than that...a thriving world! My mantra these days is I have perfect work in a perfect way. I give perfect service for perfect pay! Thank You universe for supporting me in every way as I joyfully serve others!

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