My Internal Body

sometimes , i feel as if i am
lost in my own feeling and thoughts ,
i see ,my brain recycling my thoughts
with which i am being recycled too ,

i feel playing with my internal body ,
and running through tight veins ,
my heart enjoys my presence
as i assist it in pumping my blood,

i see narrow streets of my cerebral portion ,
feel surprised to find endless zigzag lanes ,
densely populated with non stop machines ,
working efficiently, no sound ,no pollution,

i see some bodyguards standing there ,
on being asked,they told that they take care
of my senses and body when i get asleep ,
i could realize ,my brain always doing double duty ,

i had been of the thought that
i work more than anyone else ,
but performance of my small brain ,
washed away all my false illusions,

after crossing so many zigzag roads ,
found a small box named ‘poems ‘
opened my poetry box with curiosity ,
watch millions of words dancing there in ,

also find there, a machine plying fast ,
assembling words to make lines ,
and then converting lines into poems,
but all being done on my command only.

i got to section of humanity and morality ,
see there numerous human values resting,
i was ashamed to note that i could
implement only few values in my life .

sincere to my parents, my work, my family,i am ,
helping needy and desirous remains my motive ,
being necessary that important is my aim ,
do good ,have blessings is my priority ,

i had been totally exhausted in cerebral lanes,
being helpless ,could not see other sections ,
i opened my internal eyes and see my living world ,
i was so amazed to find that i am writing this poem ,


2 thoughts on “My Internal Body

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” My Internal Body ” is a lively and engaging work that adds further layers to the concept of introspection.

    Editorial Guidance ( for the benefit of the author )

    Avoid using ” & ” in poetry .


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