My Heart’s Sonata

How selfish am I in our love story!

How selfish indeed!

Caring solely to have my pain soothed,

My barren desert filled with your warmth

My freezing hideaway turned into tropical resorts

And my sad violin tune turned into an angelic pulse!

Pray, how selfish indeed am I,

Cry I to the Gods when the pain becomes too burdensome

Seek I their refuge, wanting to shed off my mortal body

And return to them, safe and sound,

While you, Love,

You, keep toiling, to the extent of wasting yourself

Even if you heed me at times

And ignore me at others!

Pray, my selfishness allows me not to think clearly

Instead of seeing only myself

I should, rather, care to pray to the Gods

To have you awakened so that you do follow

Their tunes, without questioning

So that your soul be saved from the madness of this world,

Madness, which I can guess, has taken over your senses

To the extent of having you care only

For its illusory games

Caring so deeply that you open not your auras

To receive the boons, the blessings and the guidance of the Gods!

Pray, is it all about love?

To be selfishly in love is to be genuinely in love?


Should I simply learn to forsake myself

To care only about your well being?

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