My Fear

Loneliness scares me not
Neither does having to toil for a living
Nor do old age and disease!

What scares me
Is having, someday, to face the Heavens
Without your accompanying warmth
That which allows my heart to emanate of soft notes
Soft notes evoking love and the purity of it
Soft notes evoking a bond which not even
Demons and the forces of darkness could shatter!

But this world,
In which we have chosen to test our love
Remains a tricky one
Surrounded it is by Maya’s imposing power
Power which so subtly and so easily
Shreds our clear and soulful intentions
With its sword of gloom!

When the skies whispered your name to my soul
I chose to shake off the ego that had settled in me
I chose to burn the stubborness with which I was enrobed
I chose to blindly submit to it
In the very end,
Someday, when we shall both shed off our human bodies,
We shall have to face each other
And tell each other
Of whether we passed the hardest of all tests;
Staying in love with each other in the era of Kalyug!

The darkness laughs at us
The Gods cringe and grind their teeth,
Nervous and stressed out,
Shall our bond cease to be
Know that Existence will have to be re-written!

I fear having to face Eternity without you
I fear the hurt and the pain that will coil themselves around me
As if they were the serpents of Hell
And I, their unwilling prey!

Why, nothing about Earth scares me
Shall I someday be subjected to a state where
I would have to die alone,
May it be so!

But, there, in that other world,
I shall have to feel always,
The comfort of your shoulders
The beats of your heart as it awakens for me
The tenderness of your gaze as it strolls over me
The urgency of your desires as they douse in me
Over and over again!

Without all of these, existing would be void
And I would choose to turn into dust,
Meaningless and heedless!

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