My Darling

I love you as the moonbeams dust the whirlpool

with star-kissed twilight shadowed dreams.

Sudden breath that peaks, as particles of ice-felt air

Entices heart pulled strings caresses loves’ harps’

melodious instrument of dreams.

I love you as the morning dew sprinkles

o’er this meadow green,

Sun rays blessed as echoed all around are seen,

splendours of God’s gift of life to creatures, nature all.

I love the breath, the power love has

Sending misery woe crashing down

upon their bended knees, deflated, breathless.

I love you with each waking breath,

Such beauty deep within, for as with singular of sound

Heart-felt pounding can be heard

Gently caressing loves-filled soul

My Darling.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013

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