Another war poem… This was written complementing this picture which caught me from within…

Muted ~ In The Ruins

The rubble wouldn’t speak to her –
Her doll wouldn’t speak to her –
The falling walls wouldn’t either…

The grey air wouldn’t disappear –
The silence wouldn’t steer clear –
She wouldn’t understand fear…

Black and white day and night –
Loud fireworks way out of sight –
Leave no life to see the light…

Sand outside the hourglass jar-
Sun unlike the picture book, afar –
Scalded skin; memories some char…

Life a choiceless, discarded dream –
A hopeless, distant moonbeam –
One last, muted, tearless scream…

~ September 7th, 2013
© Sana Rose 2013

3 thoughts on “Muted

  1. Sana Rose Post author

    Thank you for such a superior comment on my simple work, Louis. I was a bit in doubt about the quality of this poem and stalled before putting it up here. 🙂

    Manal: thank you dear. 🙂


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