Musings From A Rainy Afternoon

I’m deceitful enough to believe you’re no one’s but mine

But then you are

When you pour down in all your fury

I see no one but you

And I know you drench no one but me.

I’m deceitful enough to believe our love story is one of it’s kind

And it is

When we are together nothing else matters

I have you and you have me

And we have our endless stories.

I’m deceitful enough to say I’ll love you in my own terms

Sometimes making you beat relentlessly

On the forte of glass I’ve built

And sometimes simply walking into you

Letting you have your way with me.

I’m deceitful enough to believe I care less when you walk away

Even when I burn inside

Knowing how enslaved I am

To your beauty sometimes vicious

Sometimes divine.

I’m deceitful, and I don’t care

For when you come, you come for me

And sketch a fantasy of eternity

Of us forever holding our hands

And watching the world go by.

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