Muse, write to me

Muse, for once,
I want you to write me a poem
I want you to pour out your pouts
And your accumulated sores
I want you to paint for me
A canvas made of words
I want you to build for me
An edifice as mighty as the Taj Mahal!
I have been writing
All along, solely with your help
Without you
I surely would have had no pleasure in life
Seeing it as a mere bland and blank
Medium, in which souls fall to
To lead an existence adorned
With the gems of misery laden on their crowns!
Other than in you, I find no peace
You are the oasis in the middle of hell
You are the God that talks to me in my dreamless nights
You are the buoy I cling on in rough seas
You are the glass pane that shelters me from storms!
Write to me,
Give me hope, give me faith,
Fallen I am in a world which makes no sense to me
Fallen for a cause as worthy as my own heartbeats
But, Muse,
I am tired, worn out and saturated
The strings of my endurance are pulled to their ends
They will break at any moment
Shattering me, in the process
Into millions of unrecoverable pieces!
Save me,
Write for me,
Please, at least, for once
Please do!


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