Moved.. on


Moved out of my family out is better said
His stinging words ~stinking in my head
Moved out…to the end of my life
To end my life 
None at my door behind 
Stopping me. No kids he gave
All two decades, I washed his linen
Stinking.. Yes!! 

Scorching sun above 
Sucked all water ~ rivers and canals dry
Where shall I throw myself
Moved on
Destination unknown 
Scared of shadows and darkness 
Misty eyed..I moved on

Pages of future 
Wrapped in blankness 
No images.. No mirages 
Emptiness touching me
From all corners 
Afraid.. I moved on

My paces quickened
Ran against the wind
Into nothingness 
Years of restrictions 
Now, my legs ran
Yes..the freedom 
I sensed 
Ecstasy ~ Euphoria 

Tears summed up
Over years of solitude 
Cleansing my inner being..

I moved on

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