Her need to feed
Is urgent, natural,
Made for –
The dewy child suckles
Contently in her lap.

The same dewy child
Grows diabolic horns,
Spits up curdled milk
On her blue-green bosom;

Digs his tiny nails
Into her tender flesh,
Unearths feasts
For his greedy bones.

Buries his own rotten flesh
In her sacred valleys;
Evaporates her springs
And incinerates her mane.

You are Earth…

You were.

-January 29th, 2016
© Sana Rose 2016

6 thoughts on “Mother

  1. VijayNair

    Through an apt ecofeminist approach Sana reveals the exploitation of Mother Earth and the ingratitude of human beings.A lovely piece of writing.

  2. louiskasatkin

    A skilfully dispassionate overview of our contemporary world,one that with justification veers toward the astringent.


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