Moth & Mirror

When a moth alights

on the mirror’s surface

what does the moth see?

What does the mirror see

when we see a moth alight

on its surface?

Does the mirror see us as well?

standing in the hallway

staring at a moth on its surface;

The mirror gazes at us

craving reflections,

offering a void.

6 thoughts on “Moth & Mirror

  1. VijayNair

    An interesting interplay of three different viewpoints.I was reminded of Wallace Stevens’ ”blackbird” poem.

  2. Pushmaotee Subrun

    The moth and the mirror and ourselves.. very creative piece of writing dear poet Louis Kasatkin

  3. Madhumathy

    Multidimensional view of life,reflected reality of the mirror image,etc take us to the level of the Unconscious.Beautiful and profound!!

    1. Swati A Gadgil

      Three different perspectives of a given situation….just like the various cameras at different locations on a movie set …. Wonderful….


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