Mosquitoes and I

I live
Dreams die

In sadness I smile
In happiness I cry

There’s mostly melancholy
Messed up with scattered moments of joy

I laugh with abundance
There’s nothing to be coy

Living is a big sham
Heaven could be a mirage

I hide in the shallow puddle
Mud my camouflage

I breathe the polluted air
I have to, to be alive

They say death will come when it is time
Till then, along with the mosquitoes I will thrive

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About Gauri Dixit

A software professional from Pune, India, Gauri is an avid reader and writes English poetry. Her poems have been published in multiple anthologies including 'Cloudburst - the womanly deluge' and 'athe Virtual Reality'. Her poems were featured in the Poet's Corner for the E-zine 'Mind Creative' published from Syndey Australia and Learning and Creativity e magazine.

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