If I could be a poem

I’d be one about the raging sea

Reading my lines

The whole world would feel the intensity

Of my swells

And, when my essence would be imbibed in each and everyone

They would just look at me in fear

Knowing that I can overwhelm them

With waves made of a furious intensity!


If I could be a musical piece

I’d be one played on a piano

One made of sizzles

One made of sparkles

One having the power to push

The soul into a state of ecstatic succumbing

And bid humanity to smile at the sight of nothingness

Yes, to cheer when the scene remains blank

And to clap when the acts of life remain unacted!


If I could be a story

I’d be one about a tragic heroine

One who finds strength while gazing at the skies

One who recharges her energy

By keeping away from people

One who breathes in with glee

The fresh fragrance of flowers at night

And wishes she could feel so safe

As to dare to take midnight walks just

To admire the stars and the glorious

Scene of the universe!


If I could be a dream

I’d be one which keeps recurring

So that the dreamer gets to enjoy the jolts

That I give to him

Again and again

Without having to fear of waking up

To face reality

Reality, which can be so harsh

So cruel, so cold, so vile!


Pray, if only

If only I could be that which I wanted

If only I could do as I wanted to


Would living not have been fair then?

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