Morning Prayer

Look out of your window,

and listen for a clue

Complete with morning chorus,

And mist from the dew.

Today is not tomorrow

But is a new day dawning –

Carrying all our wishes,

Dreams do come true!


Look out of your window

See how the birds take flight,

In morning celebration

Of Gods’ gentle touch,

And blessings of His Love.

Flowers outstretched petals

Reaching for His hand.

Birds with morning chorus,

Tells of Springs’ Delight!


Look out of your window,

Dare to dream your dreams

For God, and Heavenly Angels

Are there to catch your fall.

There’s only one true constant

Eternal and so pure –

For God shall never falter

His blessings our delight!


So look out of your window

Holding to that clue

For life is never lonely

If outstretched hearts we show –

How to catch the mornings’ dew

Enriched with all His Love!

© 2010 sew

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