Moonlit Dreams

Inbetween Moonlit Shadows
Do souls entwine, in love,
Bedazzled starlit skies.
Serenaded by the Call of Owls
Guardians of the Night!

Lovers dream of paradise –
Of ancient times, long past
When fields were still unkempt
With Mountain Heathers, filled!

Now sitting in a corner
Filled with dreams of old
Lone, yet not of wander
What if, Love had won!

For Lovers winged
Through Moonlit Skies,
Whilst Owls stood, Guardians by,
With Love so Pure –
So Beautiful!

Love Entwined, still beautiful,
Lovers still in heart,
Though sitting in that corner
Hand in hand, ne’r part!

With Look of Love, still delicate
As in those lover days,
Are Grandparents, still guarded
In Honour, do we praise!
(c) 2012 sew

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