Moon will you be mine ??

Will you be mine ???
Oh ! my beloved moon
When the world slumbers
In the knee of darkness
I keep myself awake
With the freezing breeze
I gaze of your presence
To get showered with the holy bath
My unblinking eyes
Tries to have the glimpse of that simper
Which you bestow upon me thou ! secretly
Like a white phoenix i ride through the himalaya’s
To embrace you in my arms forever
And to pacify the forlorn spirit
I submerge self into the surreal union of dusk and down
As a bystander at the bank of kanyakumari
Where the pebble’s sketches our love story though covertly
I took that pebble softly as though holding your hand
For the world wants to see the second Taj Mahal
Where my grave will hold the pebble as a pendant
For my breaths to beat in resonance with the swirl of waves
Taking me to the green valley of Kashmir
Where the splendor were in resentment of your beauty
And I with a vow went from Kashmir to kerala
To find the answer in the God’s own country

Of the incalculable question “ Moon ,will you be mine ??? “
To halcyon the conspiracy
I am on a nomadic voyage
As a drunken euphoric
Of cindrella’s story
hurling with it’s own destiny
to write the riveting story
of the Lord of sins
I die with every breathing breath
to be born again and again
so that I can whispher at my beloved’s ear
or to boom as asupernova

Saying ” Moon will you be mine ”




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