Mommy , do not weep

Mommy, were you weeping today?
I wanted to say something
Wanted to hurl myself at you
Kiss those tears away. Oh mommy!
Why were you crying mommy,
What could I do?
I tried to explain something,
But no one understood
No, mommy, I was not rude.
I don’t like it when people look
At me in a funny manner.
Are you worried that I will not be able to cope
When you are gone?
Don’t worry, mommy, even when you are gone
[But where will you go mummy?]
I will be safe, snug and warm inside myself.
I love the butterflies, the birds,
So what if I have no words?
Remember those paintings I made the other day
They were my words, my language
Of love.
How are these people better than me mommy?
They don’t understand my language,
I don’t understand theirs, so?
They hate- I love.
They are differently abled mommy.
I am love -enabled.
I can teach them a thing or two mommy
I am love, just love, mommy.

Love is the only language I know, mommy
See my fingers throbbing?
They throb with love, mommy
And I pour my love on paper.
See, see, how I pour!
Mommy, don’t worry, miracles happen.
Maybe one day I speak?
And when I do, I will say, “I love you too mommy “
Yes, yes, I do.

[ Dedicated to world autism month]

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