Metro Malls

Past your prime, escalators are a boon.

One step forward and up you go

Then slide on to level ground

Global markets, singing Sirens

Lead you to lands hitherto unknown.

Petrified mannequins pining for Pygmalions

indifferently display the latest in vogue.

In air-cooled milieu, reckless youth

listlessly ignore tick-tock rhythms

of minutes and hours. Wide-eyed children,

shuffling grandmas, liveried attendants –

all on fast track. Outside, on dusty streets

heat waves gleaming silver

dance on asphalt roads.

Humming hymns of urban glory

Metro life bursts balloons

filled with colourful confetti.

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About Madhumathy R

Former Professor of English from Kochi, India. Holds doctoral degree in African literature; loves to read and write poems; has published poems in journals and would like to engage in discussions on literary themes.

4 thoughts on “Metro Malls

  1. VijayNair

    An absolutely delightful poem.A keen eye for minute details and a fine selection of apt images enhances the beauty of this literary piece.


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