Metamorphosis into Mushrooms

Memories enshrined in psyche’s tomb
Stirs within for so long;
A day full of rainy winds
Dares to get them burst
Out of the physical stone;
With a wondrous shot they
burst out into mashrooms.
Some come out Gumbadnuma
And whitish and some like
The umbrella darker brown.

•Gumbadnuma- dome like
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About Jagdish Singh Ramana

Jagdish Singh Ramana is born on July 01, 1998 in Sriganganagar(Rajasthan) to a peasant Mr. Gurbaksh Singh and Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur. Masters in English Literature from Maharaja Ganga Singh University,Bikaner. He is a keen lover of Persian and Urdu poetry and History. He writes Persian and Urdu poetry with the nom de plume of 'Bekhabar-Khoshdil'(بی خبر خوشدل) literary means 'Ignorant cherished or happy heart'and in Punjabi 'Vadhu'(ਵਾਧੂ) means an 'Extra' or 'Good for nothing'.He is a translator in five languages and Well-versed in Punjabi;Hindi;Urdu;Persian etc. "Sometimes solitude is not silence and clamour is not noise." Growing my heart for poetic reflections....

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