May it be so!

And if so desired the skies,

Pray, may it be so!

Why should you fight it

Standing, gaping, in front of it,

As would a mere fickle human

When faced with a most deadly avalanche!

And if so desired the skies,

Then desired it be by the whole universe,

As well as by the Gods!

Would you forsake their will?

Would you make them cry?

Would you make their heart bleed?

Can you, just for one moment,

Close your eyes, and listen

Listen to the angels singing their guidance to you

As they push you on your chosen path?

Pray, the reality we are experiencing now,

Though it remains important as it holds

The foundation ground for our love story,

Is not our normal and natural one!

We belong to there where dawns can be commanded at will

To there where shadows dance on their own

To there where we both love each other for eternal lapses of time

Without ever getting worn out of each other!

Someday, I want to cuddle up close to your beating heart

And tell you,

I’m so glad we survived it all

Even if the cause of it all was my own temper

I’m even more glad that you stood by me

And bore with my capricious temper

With an unflinching intent!

Why, Love, if so desired the skies,

Pray, make it happen

And may it be so!

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