Matter of Heart

For ages
we have been preserving
a pent-up love,
in its primitive poise.
Used to meet each other
in a desolate
Wilderness in its
Sweetened solitude.
Spoke nothing
Silently cherishing
Each other’s presence.
His eyes were hurling
endless ripples of mating calls,
unleashing a devilish craving
for my fragile core.
A surge of sweetness
Flown in my vein
causing me a cute pain.
After each birth
He comes to me
in the prime of our youth.
With his piercing
sword of silence.
to carve the nuances of an
eternal love in its
enlightened form.
I like his mere presence
gazing me from a distance.
For ages we have been beseeching
to each other not to verbalize
this constrained love…
We won’t..
We know, when we do…
that will be the end of
this infinite tale of love.

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About Kavitha Rani

Hi Friends I am an Assistant Professor in English, working in V.V.Vanniaperumal College for Women, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu.India. Our institution is working on the mission of empowering rural womenfolk and I am proud to be a part of it. I have recently started writing poems. Thanks to the genuine souls who encourage me on this road.Basically I would like to be perceived as a simple person who lives at the mercy of God.

4 thoughts on “Matter of Heart


    “eternal love in its
    enlightened form.” I cant ask fro a better piece of writing …YOur commitment to writing beautiful lines for us is quite appreciable. Keep rocking kavitha jee….


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