Masked Silence


I am the tilt of the tower of Pisa
I am the journey in vain without visa
I am the child that was aborted and severed
I am the heartbeat of animals butchered
I am the morsel that to fill stomachs failed
I am the unshed tears that in eyes desiccate
I am the rain that never fell in deserts
I am the bloodshed of crusade illogical
I am the absent pearl in the oyster shell
I am the leaf that will never breathe if fell
I am the blood oozing from an open gash
I am the abusing root that stands against
Beware! I am the hatred of neglected, digressed
I am masked silence of oppressed and suppressed

©Sunila – 13/12/2015.

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About Sunila K

Based in Canary Islands, Spain, Sunila Khemchandani is a teacher, translator and writes poetry for love of English Literature. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Wings, Change, Indus Valley, Heavenly Hymns, Poetic Symphonies, Synthesis - The Duet Anthology and in two of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies). In 2008, she won the position of the best annual poet in Besides writing poems, she translates spiritual articles, books of her spiritual master, proof reading and transciption. Some of her translated works have been published and circulating.

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