Lust and Longing

Searching for a memory

hoping to give life to it

a time of fulfilled longing…

a cherished and happy time

A longing for someone from a long time ago, it seems like ages now

Someone I used to know so well

I gave myself to

Someone I shared a memory and a time with

Someone always in my thoughts…

but all gone with time

even as with time it came.


At first, the one is no more

and then the other knows not

It seems like a mystery to all

and what can be done is known to none

But I watch and wait for a time from long ago

a memory from a world lost

to rekindle, to come to life, to be born again…

for with its loss, a lust died within me

and now a lust it seems can save me.


But saving is beyond me

for love lost is not what taunts my night vision

if it were that, I could love again…

but a lost lust taunts my waking thoughts.

I plead for a release like from a blood covenant.

It’s a longing that cannot be quenched

for it is a longing for lust

From that I seek freedom

but none seems to know a way out

and alone I bear the flame of its wants.

5 thoughts on “Lust and Longing

  1. Maya Dev

    A striking poem and theme. Nothing lasts forever, yet living is inevitable and wonder how can be on the go ! 2nd and last stanzas are beautifully composed Joel..:)


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