Love’s Bright Dawn

Like a rat leaving a sinking ship the tired day was scurrying away
Plunging the sky into shades of gray.
Framed in the window of my log cabin I watched a lone star
Slowly emerging from under a cloud, as the night spread its power.

Slowly, the sky lost its blues
Coloured now by some russet hues.
Time stopped
Out of the room I hopped
And danced to my own tune
Under the radiant moon.
Highly elated, around me the fireflies congregated
Like myriad stars with brightness inflated.
My heart blithe, in soothing tones replete
The Deodar trees sang songs of love as the fragrant night held sway
Then came the morning heralding a new day
There was something boyishly spunky in the breeze
With spurts of mischief, it swayed the trees
Its boisterous strength, slapped and whipped the rocks
Unflinching stood the rocks by these knocks
Swathed in blue satin, the river beamed.
Absolutely delighted, or so it seemed.
I could hear the sounds of music that the river made
The sun smiled warmly as a cloudy figure staid
Made eyes at a lissom mermaid
Which was silently dancing near the bank where I sat
A tiny speck fringing the golden immensity
Ears attuned to the river’s melodious serendipity.
The gilded vastness and the sparkling splendour
Ah, my heart filled with thoughts so tender
The waves splashed and flashed their dimpled smiles
Rubbing sleep kinks from their limpid eyes
The sunflowers stretched and yawned
As another new morn dawned
Hush, can you hear that silver tinkle
Which is trying to erase many a wrinkle?
It is the river pouring out its eternal fairy tale
Of elves and pixies and a mermaid frail
Transfixed, I listen to the soothing rhythm of the waves which kiss my bare feet with foamy lips
On peace, love and camaraderie giving me generous tips.
A koel hidden in the foliage trills and trills
Rising above inhuman humanity which kills and kills.

Posted by Santosh at 19:12

3 thoughts on “Love’s Bright Dawn

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    In general , ” Love’s Bright Dawn ” is a pleasant poetic divertissement. And whilst the overall style and rhyming patterns are well crafted,there remains the lingering impression that ,at times, the poem does rather teeter on the edge of over ambition particularly with the fourth to last line which is a considerable stretch for the reader’s attention.

  2. ramesh rai

    Though I am addicted to long writing. But I think if it could be briefed had not it left long impression. It is my opinion. Excuse me if I am wrong. I am just going to view the above comment what does it say ?


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