Love is food of soul

Food nourishes body,

Allow to grow and shine,

Love embellishes soul,

Allow to glitter and dazzle.

Love is only a way to defrost soul,

To revive true existence,

To understand the universe,

To adorn true self paradisiacally.

Love is a way to towards divinity,

A journey of singleness to wholeness,

A path of selfishness to kindness,

A path of cruelty to compassion.

©Asha Roy

New Delhi, India

13 January 2021 

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About Asha Roy

Asha Roy alias Asha Kumari was born in a village of Samastipur District, Bihar, India. She is post-graduate in Environment Science from Sikkim and Manipal University, India. She is hard working, self-sufficient, rebellious by nature for justice, and always stands for humanity. She has been working as a Copy Editor with an esteemed firm Aptara Corporation, New Delhi, India, since 2008. She has been acknowledged and praised by many clients for her editorial works. She is a passionate reader, writer and poet by hobby. She took poetry as her passion to better express her ideas, her thoughts, her visions, and her point of view according to her conscience. Her poems have been published in different Newspapers, Anthologies, and Journals in both Hindi and English. She is interested in human welfare. She is passionate to reach people on globe through her writing and poems. E-mail —

8 thoughts on “Love is food of soul

  1. amitapaul

    Shakespeare speculated whether music was the food of love . The present poet is sure that love is the food of the soul .

  2. Pushmaotee Subrun

    Love is a way to towards divinity,

    A journey of singleness to wholeness,… in a pithy way the poet has summed up the real value of love!


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