Love is Beautiful


Love is beautiful
Along with which our life is peaceful
It’s the journey so blissful
Let us retake it
Due to which our life is meaningful

The time in which we dwell
Was the most amazing
That was the moment
The feeling of which it seems
In that moment we are still living

So pure so true so blessed
Love which is there always in your heart
No matter what time may come
Love always gives you reason
When you fall apart

As the time passes
The glory of this Love
It sparkles with its beauty
Kept on increasing
This is the magic of love
Which has its own gravity

Love is there
And always will be there
No matter what
No matter where

It has its own magical powers
Which no one can deny
It pours on you showers
Which will always be there beneath

It brings peace
At times of war
It gives you
Loads of courage
No matter
Which battle you are

Love is there
To bless you
Never forget
To bless your Love
No matter where
You keep moving
Because of you
Love is always there


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About Poet Azam

Passionate about Poetry writing. Favorite topic to write is LIFE AND most passionate in writing about LOVE. Aim in life is to motivate people through write ups & Want to become the greatest writer in the Universe. Written more than 200 Hindi poems, 40 English poems Love's to write shayaris Aim is that write up should go to those who need it. Winner of World Writers Competition - Get placed in Top 10 Selected out of 2200 Poetries World wide

2 thoughts on “Love is Beautiful

  1. ramesh rai

    beautiful love poem.
    It brings peace
    At times of war
    It gives you
    Loads of courage
    No matter
    Which battle you are
    this is much attractive
    in 2000 I defined love in battle field but that is lost.


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