Love Available

A small plant in my
balcony smiled
when the sun kissed him
there love was complete.
Then the air,
played with it for a while
they sang and danced,
as I glanced and realized
there love was complete.
The moonlight touched
its crystal soothing light
they made love all night
the light turned it divine
then the morning dew
kissed it, made him shy,
He become one with existence.
And I walked across the globe.
with heart filled with hope of love
but I remained incomplete
The plant received the gifts of god
he was open and unprejudiced.
Like a witness
and the divine showered
love all over him
unlike us who want to
design what is undesigned
who want to contain
love is like hope
for the terminal man.

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About Sameer

Hi, I am from Mumbai (India). Film making is my passion and writing is a great relief. When ever I want to say something or felt about something I used to write poetry. I Started Writing poetry at an early age during school till now. Its the way to say what I feel most of the time about the things which happen around us, a unique way of sharing thoughts without being judgmental.

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