Losing My Politics

I think you thought that I wasn’t listening
when I heard you say ,
that getting rich was the only thing
that mattered anyway ;

I think I heard you lying
when you denied it all later on ,
you said you’d feed the starving
but you never did cross that Rubicon ;

You stood there in front of me
a politician by your trade ,
facing more than two ways on every issue
you never could quit your masquerade ;

I knew that you were lying
that you’d continue so to do ,
you thought no-one would ever notice
when all you ever promised never came true .

( “Losing My Politics” is the companion piece to “Fallen idols” )

4 thoughts on “Losing My Politics

  1. sunil sharma

    The innate humanism of Louis Kasatkin comes alive in these deceptively simple lines that deconstruct the universal power discourse being practised under politics everywhere and which is shamelessly marked by doublespeak and lusts masquerading as welfare and populist stance. The veteran captures effortlessly the deception of this trade and public office and records honestly the dishonesty of the clever politicians and a deepening sense of disillusionment of the folks who appear to be inattentive but, in fact, are listening closely to such a rhetoric. Good engagement of serious-minded poetry with politics of the trifle and political cliches.

  2. lokesh roy

    A beer cocktail of poetry and politics ! hard-hitting and yet pretty enjoyable . On account of the right mix . Imagine the scenario where politics knows no bounds , rather barbaric ! Louis Kasatkin is far better off !


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