Lord of the Rings ( Part 4 )

    The Fellowship strove on towards the Red Horn Gate
    from thence eastwards and to their fate ,
    packs of Wargs and the blinding snow
    forced the Company another way to go ,
    Into the Mines of Moria down deep
    thro’ the dark with stairs to climb,chasms to leap ;
    Finding Balin’s tomb and the books written there
    they felt a strange menace in the air ,
    evidence of Orcs and fouler things
    had ruined once great halls of former Kings ;
    Alerted by Pippin’s playful casting of a stone
    the Company knew they were not alone ,
    out of the dark Orcs charged forth in hordes
    confronted by Aragorn and Boromir’s drawn swords ,
    Gandalf cast one last spell to little avail
    giving the others time to head for Dimrill Dale ,
    at the Bridge at Khazad-dum one last foe appeared
    drawn from darkness it was The Balrog they’d feared ;
    Gandalf fought the terror but at a cost
    saving his Companions ,the Wizard himself
    with Balrog was lost.


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