Lord of the Rings ( Part 3 )

The company then pressed on
to Elrond’s home ,
a journey fraught with danger
thro’ forests they did roam ;
Glorfindel came with news that
Ringwraiths were on their trail ,
that Frodo must hasten to
Bruinen without fail ;
Caught by sudden tumult and flood
the Ringwraiths failed to spill Frodo’s blood ;
Awakening after many days
Frodo’s healing did amaze ,
his companions one and all
before the Council in the Great Hall ;
Gimli ,Legolas and Boromir sought
answers to questions and dreams,
once Frodo let them see the Ring
they learned of great plans and schemes .

( To be continued.)
(See Parts 1 & 2 in this archive )

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