Looking for the Pebbles

I always check for pebbles as I go about my day

I see the pebbles being heavens messages I want to hear what they say

If I don’t capture pebbles it will come as stones next step

By the time it gets to bricks I often wonder how  I missed

I don’t get many rocks no more, worked on checking out what’s in store

By the time it gets to rocks I’d be already counting the cost

For sending warnings and prompts to act, even when I cannot see

God forbid I get a boulder, right bang out of the blue

After all the messages from above I could have known earlier what to do

These are the things where we need to act not the things we cannot change 

So I always check for the pebbles now as I know I’m in heavens range

Thank you Father, Son and Holy Ghost for looking out for me 

For sending warnings and prompts to act, even when I cannot see

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About God’s Girl1

Hello I write about what I know and I just try to let the words flow from my heart and soul. I have one of those minds that never switches off and because my poems are pretty simple I find the process very therapeutic and releasing for my mind too.

4 thoughts on “Looking for the Pebbles

  1. VijayNair

    An exquisite,contemplative,confessional,and faith-centred poem.I enjoyed the freshness and the inter-connectedness of the images.


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