Look down.. or don’t

Do not tread on ghosts
they live in dread of being stepped upon

Some aren’t dead at all, merely fragmented
torn off their perches
amongst the living

Some are not whole either
their breaths trapped within other bony cages
their limbs divided among their lovers

©Reena Prasad

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About Reena Prasad

Reena Prasad is a poet from India, now based in Sharjah. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Change, Indus Valley, Love in Verses, Musings—a Mosaic, eight anthologies by Barry Mowles and Friends and 10 of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies, also in online jounals: Carty’s Poetry Journal, Indian Ruminations, Indian Review and in online magazines such as Youth Ki Awaaz and Thanal Online. . Her poems have found place among the winning entries in contests by Writer's Cafe, Ekphrasis India and Poets Corner. She is a contributor to many international journals like The Copperfield Review, First Literary Review-East, Angle Journal etc

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