Locked in , Locked out

Locked in , Locked out

So I was locked in
With blossom at my window
And rose petals scattered on my garden steps
Daffodils peeping from the borders
And daises on my lawn

So I was locked in
With ducks and geese on my pond
And sheep on my low stone wall
Low ancient knotted trees for my walk
And a blue sea shimmering

So I was locked in
With my pantry wisely full
My children playing chess
My spouse helping me cook
And the washing machine purring softly

So I was locked in
With books and music and films
And news bulletins not being too negative
My government had my back
My tax and mortgage payments deferred

So I was locked out
Suddenly with no payment
My wife nearing her time
My mother old and my children little
A few sparse banknotes in my purse

So I was locked out
With no roof over my head and no food to eat
Worse still no food for my dependents
No trains or buses to go home
Where we might at least have survived on the field
A little while or died among known faces

So on the roadside
Halfway between the city and my village
On empty stomach drinking dirty water
As the sun rose high pitilessly
My heart finally broke
Like a dog hit by a careless truck
On the metalled road I died

( ASA )

8 thoughts on “Locked in , Locked out

  1. Kavita Ezekiel Mendonca

    Love the poem’ Locked in, Locked out.’ The juxtaposition of the two contrasting ideas and emotions makes the poem moving.


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