Like All I Too Stuff My Mind Daily

Like all I too stuff my mind daily
With chapters of philosophy
The great have have left behind..
I console myself
With spiritual lessons of the Geeta
Lord Krishna has taught the timid
I reconcile myself
With adverse circumstances
That traumatize and bother me;
I accept and affirm
Whatever bad happens
Lasts no longer and evaporates,
I strive seeking a soothing shelter
In metaphysical musings
In comforting bosom of Absolute Being.
When painful troubles pour
And befall everywhere in me
However hard I try to tranquilize myself
My mind, stressed, agonized
My heart beating the drum of restlessness .

Nothing cures my anguished soul.
When nothing works and it jerks more
I finally throw down the gauntlet
(to the Captain)
In cursing Him hidden in ployful heaven
I feel comforted by myself
Despite the agonizing turmoil
I then believe in potentiality
Of my ill-luck or misfortunes
in a positive and encouraging way
Making fun of all misfortunes
Lo! Out of weakness
Of my sunken heart
Comes up my inner strength
And courage mustered
To deal with the evil treatment
Ruthlessly meted out to me
I am led by the ultimate impression–
All beliefs, gods and goddesses’ sermons
Are just a gewgaw to scare the weak hearts.

– Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar

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Bhaskaranand Jha Bhaskar is a trilingual poet (Maithili, Hindi and English), short story writer, critic and reviewer, based in Kolkata. He is regularly published in various national and international magazines, both printed and online. His poetry springs straight from heart and mind as unification of sensibility. He uses catchy lines, expressions and images. In his poetry, social issues, romance and love are tackled with equal passion. Resonant with profound spirituality and intricate mysticism his poems are stunning and enlightening, buoyant sometimes and intense at other times and always have a deep meaning beautiful enough to touch hearts of avid readers. One of his poems on Nelson Mandela is included in the academic syllabus prescribed for the school students of Philippines. He has to his credit three collections of poems in English: Soothing Serenades: Straight From the Heart (2018), Two Indias and Other Poems (2019) and Thoughts in Solitude (2020). He is also a contributor to journals like The Criterion: An International Journal in English, IJML (International Journal On Multicultural Literature), The Anvil (Forum of Literature & Academic Research in English) and Harvests of New Millennium, The Interiors, Taj Mahal Review, IJES (The Indian Journal of English Studies). He is also a part of several anthologies like 'Epitaphs', ‘Purple Hues”, “Whispering Winds”, “Just For You, My Love”, “Heavenly Hymns”, ‘I Am a Woman”, “The Significant Anthology”, “Umbilical Cords”, "A- Divine-Madness" (Five Volumes), "Poetic Prism" - 2015 & 16, "Searching For Sublime" (Australian-Indo Poetry), "She the Shakti", "Whispering Heart"etc. He is also the Review Editor of Asian Signature, a literary e-journal, managed from Kolkata.

4 thoughts on “Like All I Too Stuff My Mind Daily

  1. louiskasatkin

    A thoroughly engaging work that bears its intellectual/philosophical baggage with consummate ease.The casual reader will find its tone and style accessible, somewhere between wistful and mordant.

  2. Sunila K

    An inner battle meandering between faith and its borders to console oneself in difficult times! A thoughtful write!


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