Life in the Pandemic

Is anyone really still alive ?
I wake up from being awake all night
Stare at the gray ceiling and ask myself

That woman who cooked for a funeral yesterday
After she had cooked an early lunch for me
Coughing away behind her double mask

That woman who with her husband
Disabled daughter and two laughing sons
Defeated the virus and got her sister married
In the last week of lagan

The man who brought antacid tablets , fresh batteries for my pulse oxymeter , a long green gourd and raw mangoes to tempt my elusive appetite and told me cheerfully that the roads to all burning ghats are jammed with hearse ambulances

How alive they are !

( ASA )

6 thoughts on “Life in the Pandemic

  1. VijayNair

    It is this ”optimism” ,and our personal faith, that will sustain us through these terrible times.

    1. Amita Paul

      Thank you for your thoughts . I see the life force continuing to assert itself even in the mayhem around us .


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