Let the Year pass with happiness

We say wholeheartedly goodbye to 2014,
let the new year come with the most amazing moments,
let the coming year be full of joy and happiness,
the year which is just passing,
let’s bid farewell in most amazing way.

We wish happy new year to all,
we wish new year which will come,
this new will be full of happiness,
we shall also wish new year to be full of gratitude,
the happiness that we are going to receive,
let us wish that happiness in advance a big thank you.

We are happy at this moment,
we are enjoying at this moment,
let this moment be the most memorable one,
let this moment be the most amazing one.

What a nice time it is,
when there are celebrations everywhere,
there is enjoyment everywhere,
there are just loads and loads of wishes everywhere.

This moment is full of happiness,
let us all live at this moment,
before this moment just passes away,
taking within it loads of excitement,
let us pledge to ourselves,
to be happy like this, not for just this moment,
but for the coming year, for all the moments we live,
we will all live all those coming moments,
with the same happiness,
with the same enjoyment.

Let the year which suddenly will become past,
at this present live it to the fullest,
laugh at this moment to the fullest,
let this moment be celebrated every day in the coming year,
let this excitement be there forever.


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