Let the music play.

                  LET THE MUSIC PLAY.

Chinars swaying in their majestic way,

Pause  to  look at the moss covered footprints  

On  the paths now  un trodden ,pondering

why  the palmate  leaves  no longer  flutter  

with the chirpy ,  multilingual breeze   

wafting  through  them .

Their  barks yearn for

the tender touches  of newly wed couples

posing for clicks memorable.

While the Zabarwan  gazes achingly    

at   the deserted stretch of tulips

resembling  the trousseau abandoned by a bride.

And the   mellifluous ‘ bhumbro’

trapped in lumped  throats

Struggles  to float from rooftops and rise  to a crescendo.

Encouraging the  lonely shikaras, snuffling   in the shadow   

to be rowed in the crystal clear water of Dal lake

With fun and  frolic riding its chest

While agile fingers glide through chilled waters

causing ripples and  soothing nerves.

Along with  the aroma of Kahwa that fills  the crisp misty air.

Which   the hidden kangris under the pashminas

promise to warm .

Vestige of once festooned house boats,

Join in the show, beckoning towards  its warm abode.   

Rosy cheeks with promising smiles,

Enveloped in embellished Pherans  and Kasaba

on flower laden shikaraas ,

Wait to cross your paths offering their exotic blooms  ,

midway of the lake.

The pristine terrain pledges a paradise

Not to be lost behind the gossamer sheets of photo  frames

The cascading , singing streams promise

to drench listless soul  with  the fragrance of saffron,

ripe apples, while, dangle to please every  taste buds.

And all this time the high , smoking  mountains

Envisions  and smile with certainty ,

its  confidence hard  to crumble.

Cradling embryonic love stories,

with ambiguous fate

In the shadow of twilight,

Wait for the music to be played.

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