Laughing Boy

It makes me laugh
to look at the pigeon
that closes its eyes
and believes
the cat is not there

It makes me laugh
to hear of the patient
who complains of the night-long groaning
of his fellow patient
while groaning himself the whole night

It makes me laugh
to watch the simpletons
who believe that
by stopping the hands of the clock
time itself can be stopped

It makes me laugh
to think about those cocks
who are sure
that if they don’t crow
the day will never break
It makes me laugh
to learn of people
who befriend the camelmen
yet build their doors
too low

It makes me laugh
to consult physicians
who suppose
that they have a remedy
for each and every malady
and themselves end up dying
from their own prescriptions

It makes me laugh
to realise
that though I live in such a world
I can still afford to laugh

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