Lasting Impressions

What went ye out into the Wilderness to see ?

a man rich beyond measure

yet sharing the ordinary everyday ,

of those who sought and found

to some degree an unassuming kindness ,

an empathy without affectation

not to be found in trumpeted fanfares ,

but in a heart graced by

a shared Spirit and sustaining belief ,

leading and part of those led ,




therein the sufficiency of a promise fulfilled

of a life well led ,

What went ye out into the Wilderness to see ?

a kid *


( Footnotes: On Saturday 12 October,2013,Destiny Church Wakefield
is celebrating Pastor Ian Critchley’s 40th.year in the Ministry,
his 24th.year of leading a Church in Wakefield and his 60th.
birthday ! The last two words of the above poem affixed with *
relate to Ian’s experience as a child when his dad tried to
prevent his going to a local church by hiding his shoes. )

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