Last Christmas ( 1961 )

Sepia hued

smoke-filled aroma

of spicy gingerbread,

pervasive odours

of holly,ivy

and mulled wines;

infusing kitchen,scullery

and dining room,

evoking a childhood

with their forgotten

boxed presents

under the enormous

seasonal bough,

its array of

waxen lights


long into memory

and myth;

the greetings

and the joy

in Alpine setting

of hearth

and ” Heimat ”


and ” Stillenacht “;

their longing

recalled by chance,

by stray snatch

of melody,


to an innocence lost,

to a card once


“frohe weihnachten,A.E.”


now in a place

where that birth happened

but no longer counts,



Adolf Eichmann.

(*Footnote:Notorious Nazi War criminal Adolf Eichmann was abducted by Israeli Mossad agents from Argentina and was put on trial on December 15 1961 in Israel)

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