Reminiscences stuffed into frayed pockets, she walked
in no particular  direction, going as far as house waste goes
in search of a treasure trove of  stinking landfills
Tattered as her life of forty, are her gathered  clothes
Fading grey underskirt with trailing,weeping ends
ignorant of the  boundaries that defined the sari-remains above.

She poked around the stagnant mound, not particular about any find
Bits of  plastic, broken bottles, an abandoned diary of teenage throes
All lay in companionable silence in her brown sack of unwanted orphans
She picked in  silence, watched by a scraggly, one-eyed, stubbed tail cat
Twin wandering  souls, united in casual neglect, relegated to the night-soil trenches. Previous birth karma, wrinkled noses, anti-beggar sentiments and disgust
compete for supremacy.

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About Reena Prasad

Reena Prasad is a poet from India, now based in Sharjah. She has several poems published in English anthology collections (Change, Indus Valley, Love in Verses, Musings—a Mosaic, eight anthologies by Barry Mowles and Friends and 10 of Brian Wrixon’s anthologies, also in online jounals: Carty’s Poetry Journal, Indian Ruminations, Indian Review and in online magazines such as Youth Ki Awaaz and Thanal Online. . Her poems have found place among the winning entries in contests by Writer's Cafe, Ekphrasis India and Poets Corner. She is a contributor to many international journals like The Copperfield Review, First Literary Review-East, Angle Journal etc

11 thoughts on “Landfills

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Destiny Poets’ International Community of Poets ( ICOP ) are pleased to announce that for February 2013 , the following works have been chosen in the categories of Poem of the Month and Highly Commended . Poem of the Month * Landfills – Reena Prasad…..***In the Category of Highly Commended – * Butterfly -Ramesh Anand…*Child’s Play -Shalini Samuel…*Don’t call me free -Ogunjimu James Taiwo…*Don’t let it be seen -Jan Christian Sorensen…*In a strange land -Viji Venkat…*Love’s strong -Jobale Wihnope…*Morning walk -Gopal Lahiri…*Ropes -Mary Annie…*The Culvert and the Tree -Sunil Sharma…*Those silent promises -Sangeeta Suneja…*Valentine’s Day..-Michelle D’Costa…*Vanished reality -Tapeshwar Prasad *** The ICOP Poetry Critic ( Bi-Monthly Award ) for the months January/February 2013 is Lokesh Roy.

    1. Reena Prasad

      Thank you so much Louis Kasatkin. A great honour to be chosen by a great poetry critic like you. Congrats to all my fellow poets too.


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