( Japanese word for Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees )

( Nature’s Song )

The wind that’s sieved through willow strands
The sunshine that through green leaves lands
The heart that travels through strange lands
Sing – Komorebi, Komorebi, Komorebi

The sea that curls its froth on sands
The beams and shades in slanting bands
Through mists and motes and magic wands
Sing – Komorebi, Komorebi , Komorebi

The birds half hidden in the trees
The life surging in seething seas
The busy humming swarming bees
Sing – Komorebi, Komorebi, Komorebi

The freshness laughing in the breeze
The summer lawns sprawling at ease
The love that’s sure never to cease
Sing – Komorebi , Komorebi , Komorebi

The Heart that with Wild Nature dwells
Bewitching Dame that casts sweet spells
With song and love and worship swells
Sings – Komorebi , Komorebi , Komorebi

Shadows and lights in dales and dells
Upon the heath upon the fells
The distant ringing of church bells
Sing – Komorebi , Komorebi , Komorebi

There is a glory in the Sky
There is a Grace that just comes by
All through the Truth beyond each lie
Sing – Komorebi , Komorebi , Komorebi

The Time has come for us to fly
To soar to live not fear to die
Let Nature your soul glorify
Sing – Komorebi , Komorebi , Komorebi

The Lotus tells the Bumble Bee
The Mountain whispers to the Lea
The Wind instructs the leaves that flee
Sing – Komorebi , Komorebi , Komorebi

Both Light and Shade in Life must be
Each Leaf has Life in its own tree
The Soul’s home is Infinity
Sing – Komorebi , Komorebi, Komorebi

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

7 thoughts on “Komorebi

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    Going through this awesome poem was like listening to gentle music …of love, light, hills, dales and valleys, mingling with tolling of church bells …a superb write!

  2. Madhumathy

    The poem reverberates the beauty of Nature and the refrain echoes in your ears even after you finish reading the poem.

  3. Amita Paul

    If it sang in your ears , I’m happy . It flowed easily into my mind on a melody in composition . Left me feeling good in these sad times . Even in the midst of tragedy the joy of creativity is not denied to us but gives us courage to work to make things better for ourselves and got others too .


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