It matters not

It matters not

Whispered I back to the Mother Goddess

It matters not

If I shall turn into nothingness

Or if I shall turn into flowers

Or even I shall be among the waves

Rocking the ocean floors!

It matters not

And nothing ever will

As everything else about this world

Is transient and ephemeral!

Why, even the Love that it promises

Is tainted with impurity

With falsity

With its accompanying load of pain

And suffering

So, in the very end,

It does not matter about what I shall be

After my mortal body shall break

Into millions and millions of tiny pieces

Of nothingness!


I do want to be of use,

As, while being in human form,

I used and abused, needing others

To give me a hand

A hand in harming Existence

With my share of waste, of pollution,

Of needs, of greed, of frugalities even!

Pray, worry not,

Life shall keep going on

And the world shall keep revolving

If I do choose to take off the batteries of my own clock

It is merely because my endurance

Is way beyond its set limits!

Do worry not

As content shall I be,

At last,

Free, in my own choice!

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