Is life not beautiful?

Is life not mesmerizing?

It allows us to sprout and to discover

Before wilting

Thereby offering us a chance

To choose

The right over the wrong

To discriminate

Between the societal norm and the immoral

To enjoy

The taste of the mystical hidden in all faiths

To surrender

To the magic of a calm starry night

To be swept over

By the floods of passions

To be overcome

By the grandiosity of life itself

And to charm

The world over with the particles of poetry!

Is life not wonderful?

When lived with a storm of elevated consciousness

Swirling and twirling in us?

Pray, of life and its meaning

Of its cause and its reason

We shall come to know in due time

But then, should we not live our time here

By making of ourselves, kings and queens?

Kings and queens so humble, so tolerant, so warm

So open, so forgiving, so merciful

That the rest of the humankind

Falls in love with us

While we do feel compelled to return to them

This show of enveloping and melting amity?

Should we not live our time here

By submitting to the fact that nothing belongs to us here

That we are like travelers enjoying a temporary resort

That we shall leave

Just as we came;

Surrounded by a cloud of mist and an array of fog!


Open your souls

Open your hearts

Allow the tunes of the divine melody

To fill yourself up from top to bottom

Allow it

And let yourself be carried……

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