Voices on a phonograph

flutter across a deserted apartment,

their cadences lose themselves

among the zig – zag alleyways

on whose rooves silhouettes are painted

by passing airships on

bright timeless summer days;

In a nearby park

the oompah band plays

snatches of some Strauss melody

enthralling lunchtime crowds

attired in their finest holiday fashions;

And in the apartment

where someone used to be,

only a discarded telegram remains,

and with that emptiness inside me

I get up and leave;

leaving just the mirror

and the silence.

2 thoughts on “Intermezzo

  1. VijayNair

    An excellent ‘capture’ of a mood, a time, and a sense of loss. The title brings back memories of that memorable,musicians-based film starring Ingrid Bergman.


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