Inner and Outer Life

( A Day and Night In MicroPoems
And also because you asked )

One day
Any one day out of many
I took exception to haiku
It’s just one form of MicroPoetry

The promised Jamun fruit
Did not arrive
Never mind .
Perhaps tomorrow?

My neighbour came to call on me
I don’t know why
I sent word I was asleep
Height of avoidance

I must set up a call with that friend
Whom I rediscovered in a different continent
She sounded surprised
And not too eager . Still .

I cannot get over the fact that the baby died
His grandmother is my friend
His poor little liver failed
They pumped so much medicine into him

I hope the young nurse survives
She has nursed her sister in law
And neice back to health but is now
Battling for breath in the hospital

On unsteady feet I walked
Into the midnight prayer room
Lit by a dim red night light
And prayed for a few moments

Simply because you asked
I feel like saying this : all life and death space is sacred
And Poetry further sanctifies it .
Desecration is only an attempt and temporary , upon which sacred waters close

She could not bear my simple words
She said I was shouting and full of spite
It seems it is a long time
Since she heard the truth

I thought sadness and that uneasy feeling
Would kill my appetite – but no
Life reasserts itself every moment
It is not just comfort I seek but nutrition

If you cannot stand honesty
You will not be able to stand me
Yet even in this day and age
I have friends and good ones

I am telling my story
To Bougainvillea Mrs Butt
In magnificent magenta profilic on the white boundary wall
But I would not object if you wanted to listen , too

Not too far away
The eternal waters , and the mango trees
And a sleepy Koel not ready to sing yet
Whisper to me , ‘ It’s all right ‘

Revolt is good
It makes you feel so light , you should try it
You have to constantly remake freedom
Like moments rising and breaking , or waves

I must end with lychees
Or my dreams will lack sweetness
It is the season , why should I
Deprive myself ? Divine sherbet too

Why should I cast a cold eye
On Life and Death ? Just to sound grand ?
I won’t . I’ll glance at both warmly
I’m made of Love and will luxuriously sink into it .

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

5 thoughts on “Inner and Outer Life

  1. Pushmaotee Subrun

    all life and death space is sacred
    And Poetry further sanctifies it …

    Absolutel right…could not agree with you less dear poet! Indeed poetry sactifies …

  2. Suma K Gopal

    A collection of micro moments captured beautifully as verse – toggling between mundane incidents and philosophical disquisitions!


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