I am infected
With silence

It fills my lungs
Encroaches the space
Around my ribs
Smothering my heart

It enters me
Through my eyes
From everywhere now

The silent depth of
The lake water
The dark green leaves
The striving grass blades
The reassuring embrace of
Sky’s vastness
The green stretch
And the fragrance of

The silence dances
In every grain
That surrounds me

My heart hides behind
The silhouettes
Shy of its swollen belly

Threatening to
In tears

I am a silhouette;
Wanting to merge into
The light of silence


10 thoughts on “Infected

  1. Kamlesh Acharya

    Silence is who we are fundamentally. Your yearning, becoming and experiencing it through these words is a ‘Who you are’ experience of eternity. Blessed to have read it this beautiful rendition of poetic bliss. 🙂


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