Industrial Landscape ( Rebooted 3 October 2018 )

Charred chimney blackened

horizons wreathed in

cotton from the mill,

coal from the pit,

spinning wheel spun

ocean depth burrowed;

dark and darkening,

surrounded railway terminals

clanking clamouring,

crashing their weights

freights of billets and cables,

smithied and forged from

molten steel heaving hissing

endless streams whiter than

the eyes of those snap-tinned men;

fire-breathers off the graveyard shift

criss-crossing paths with their

cock-crowed young mates,

on crammed jammed rattling trams

rolling home to neat-boxed quadrangled

estates where daytime lungs ache

for more of that air and

early evening eyes strain for

more of that light

doused too soon by

charred chimney blackened horizons.



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    Oh, it is so rewarding to read your poetry. You have something to say, a word to pass forward about the living conditions of our hearts and souls. You don’t need me to tell you this is so very good. But I will point out the lines that affected me and will affect me during the night–the eyes of those snaptinned men–and oh those last six lines pierce the soul.


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