In Their Cherry Shadow

Cherries to stick my teeth in
Their meat,their red Stream fills
My lips with comfort delights
Perfect kiss,
I drown in their blood
the righteous muscle of utterance;

It is an act of love,
cherry frail body to knead
Trapped in our solar fury
it is an act of debauchery
the detachment from the core
The future begins its story;

Once it will come back
to crush its creature into my mouth
I promise to wait for an orchard
to leave my ashes
in their cherry shadow.

4 thoughts on “In Their Cherry Shadow

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Odd,very odd indeed.But in a zany,capricious,creative kind of way:if that makes any sense. An unusual set of allegories and metaphors to handle the subject of existential least I,as the,unprepared reader got the impression that it had something to do with weighty philosophical discourse,all bound up in almost nursery ryhme allusions. In all its winsome,playful sincerity it reminds me of early Pink Floyd and the lyrics of that irredescent genius , Syd Barrett.Or have I got it totally wrong?

    1. iulia gherghei

      thank you, Louis! yes, you are right! i meant, in life we have to pay for every bit of pleasure we encounter so i choose my punishment…


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